Innovation Meets Sophistication

Learn more about the innovative performance beauty fiber benefits of Meryl® Hydrogen fabric. The integration of supremely soft and washless yarn particles elevate N’sentials intimates, offering functionality, comfort, and sophistication.

-Supremely soft -Breathable (solvent free) -Skinlife technology (washless) -Moisture management -Recyclable

Meryl® Hydrogen

Our Sustainability Approach

Our commitment to sustainability is ingrained throughout N'sentials. We prioritize the thoughtful use of products and strive to eliminate excess waste that harms the environment, benefiting both the planet and humanity. N'sentials focuses on crafting high-quality items that promote extended usage while minimizing waste and the need for frequent replacements.

In the development of N’sentials intimates with Meryl® Hydrogen fabric particles, we utilize recycled yarn and employ solvent-free processes, resulting in zero microplastic pollution. These garments are engineered with performance-driven qualities like supreme softness, breathability, and moisture management, all without the need for topical chemical treatments. This ensures that consumers receive clean and functional intimate wear that not only provides comfort and confidence, but also contributes to environmental preservation, and is pretty all the same time!

Our dedication to sustainability extends to our accessory product line as well. For instance, our Bra Travel Case features bra molds that help maintain the structure and form of bras during travel, thus prolonging their lifespan. Additionally, our eco-friendly candles are crafted from a blend of coconut and apricot wax, offering a clean vegan burn. Candles come in tin and glass vessels with accompanying tops, facilitating easy travel and providing opportunities for repurposing within the home to hold small items.

At N’sentials, we believe that sustainability should be integrated seamlessly into our brand ethos, reflecting our commitment to creating products that are both environmentally responsible and consumer-friendly.
See our sustainability efforts in action at the Bra Education Workshop and Decorating Event. After an informative workshop led by an expert bra fitter, guests upcycled old bras into bra art during a decorating activity. Following N’sentials' sustainability pillar, guests were able to find an alternate use for a textile item instead of discarding it and yielding waste. A subtle, but important action, goes a long way over time.